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1. Can you please comment on the latest developments in Partizan?
2. Is there a chance you will return to Partizan and help the club qualify for the Champions League next season?
3. Are you satisfied in Turkey?

1. I don't know what else to say as all has been said already. Partizan has had good policies in the past ten or fifteen years. I am very sorry Tumbakovic left the club but a well known football name has been brought in. I hope Partizan will win the title again this season. They have a big advantage, ten points, and I believe they won't lose it.
2. It's very hard to talk about it. Of course I would like to help Partizan but there are so many things that have to be taken into consideration. But mostly it depends on what my club's wishes will be.
3. I am very satisfied. I can show my maximum and that's the most important for me.

1. Do you like animals and do you have a pet?
2. Will you come to Izmir on 12/02 to watch the Turkey - Ukraine match?

1. I love animals. Yes, I have a dog in Belgrade. The dogs' name is Laki (pronounced Lucky) and he is ten years old.
2. I can't come. Izmir is too far away and I imagine we will have a training or perhaps even two on that day. If the match was played in Istanbul, I would have come to the stadium. I will watch on television.

1. Are you jealous?
2. Do you plan to have a wife and children one day? And when?
3. Would you prefer to have a son or a daughter?
4. Who did you spend New Years Eve with?

1. I think I'm not.
2. Of course. I don't know when.
3. That's not important. As long as the child is healthy.
4. At home with my family.

1. Does anybody from your family or one of your friend collect newspaper articles about you and tape the macthes and shows you appear in? I know it might sound stupid but I imagine one day you will want to look at that and remember your most succesful and happy days?
2. Are you still in contact with Marko Perovic?

1. It doesn't sound at all stupid. That's the way it should be. My late father was collecting everything. After he passed away my mother took over but I must admit we have become a little lazy. My friend Maja is collecting the photographes.
2. Yes.

Would you like to work as a coach in Partizan one day?

It's too early to talk about that. I still plan to play another two or three years. When I retire I will start making plans.

Your dear friend Rapaic left Fenerbahce. Who do you spend the most time with now?

I hang out with everybody. They are all my friends and it doesn't make any difference.

Who do you see as your succesor in Yugoslav national team?

Nenad Djodjevic, and of course Nemanja Vidic.

When would you return to Partizan if not now?

You must understand that I have a contract I must oblige to. I can't just go to Partizan.

Are there any football websites that you really like to surf?
A fan

I often visit my website. And Nisa's website. (Nisa is Nisa Saveljic who plays for French Sochaux. Note from the webmaster). I visit websites of my ex teammates and Yugoslav national team players to see how they are performing.

1. What is your favourite food and drink?
2. What is your favourite car?
3. What is the most beautiful city you have ever seen?
4. Who was the first to wish you a Happy New Year?
5. What is your unfullfilled wish?
6. Is there something your are missing in the World of famous that you had as a youngster?
7. What is your ascendant?

1. Dimljena vesalica. Coca - cola.
2. I am not into cars and they are not my passion. The best car for me is the one that I drive - Peugeot 206. I know there are better cars but this one is perfectly fine for me.
3. Rome.
4. My niece Mila.
5. Greater success with Yugoslav national team.
6. Sometimes I would like to have more peace and quiet, a little corner where I could relax and not be observed.

1. Are you afraid of the Azerbaijan game?
2. Who do you know from your opposition?
3. If you lose will this be the disaster of your national team career?
4. Does it give you comfort that Azerbaijan hasn't scored a goal yet?
Azerbaijan fans

1. I know my national team will give it all and I don't expect any problems. I will not play as I am still injured.
2. I must admit I don't know a lot. We watch the match Azerbaijan played with Italy and that's all the information I have.
3. I would not be a disaster but it certainly would be bad.
4. Every rival deserves our respect and no team should be underestitamed. We should never look at the statistics. We must always give all we've got.

When do you plan to return to Partizan?

I don't know. I want to return one day but there are so many things that have to be taken into consideration

1. Who is your favourite basketball player?
2. What is your favourite Yugoslav city?
3. What do you do when you come to Yugoslavia?
4. Do you know if any more Serbian players will come to Fenerbahce?

1. Bodiroga.
2. Belgrade.
3. I rest.
4. I don't know but I would want as many Serbian players as possible at Fenerbahce.

Will you return to Italy?

I don't know. It's hard to say.

What do you do an hour or two before the match?

I am preparing. Mentally and physically.

Where do you buy your clothes?

Where I like them. I don't have any special places where I shop. I don't buy only clothes by "famous makes"

1. Do you think Lothar Matthaus will be successul as Partizan coach?
2. How did you feel when you watched Fenerbahce beat Galatasaray 6-0?
3. Where you fouled in the Fenerbahce - Malatya match?
4. What victory and what defeat in the Fenerbahce jersey will you always remember?
5. You sometimes run in the "Belgrade forest". Do you then think of your home town?
6. The ball is flying towards the goal. The goalkeeper can't reach it but you can stop it with your hands. Would you do that or would you let it go in?

1. I think so.
2. The feeling was simply incredible.
3. Yes.
4. The victory against Gaziantep and the defeat against Feyenoord.
5. Always.
6. It would all depend on the result at the time and how late in the match we were. I would have to decide in a split second.


1. Do you think we can beat Italy in Belgrade?
2. Why don't you move to a League that is covered on TV around the World?

1. I think we can beat them.
2. I am a professional. My profession took me to Turkey.

1. When will you play for Yugoslav national team again?
2. Can you persuade Dejan Savicevic to call-up Rambo Petkovic to the national side?
Bata from Malmo

1. Hopefully as soon as I recover.
2. I can't. It's not my place to make such suggestions. These decisions are made by the selector and coaching staff.

1. How long does your contract with Fenerbahce last?
2. Will you come to play for Partizan next season? Our defence is horrible.
3. Nadj is back. If you were also to return, do you think we would have a chance of qualifying for the Champions League?
4. You played three seasons under Tumbanovic's thumb? What is your opinion on that incident he had with a sports reporter?
5. Are you better friends with Stevic than other teammates?
Nikola Beli from Trebinje

1. Until June 2003.
2. I don't know.
3. I think Partizan has a lot of very good players, and can certainly qualify for the Champions League without us old ones.
4. What happened happened. We all make mistakes. Tumbakovic admitted he made a mistake and he apologized. I don't agree with what he said, but I am on his side. He was provoked - that's why he said what he said. I can't really be objective because I respect and love Tumbakovic.
5. I have a good friendship with all my teammates, but I am very good friends with Miki Rapaic.

How do you like the new Van Gogh album, and what song do you like the best?

The album is excellent. The song I like the best is Za tvoje godine.

1. What was your impression of the matches Partizan played with Bayern in this season's Champions League qualifications?
2. Is there a chance that you will return to Partizan?

1. They were up against a much stronger opponent, and they did not disgrace themselves.
2. As long as I am an active player this possibility exists.

1. Are you happy in Fenerbahce, and how do you like Istanbul?
2. Who is your best friend in the team?
3. When will you start playing again?

1. I am very satisfied. Istanbul is a big city, a real metropolis. I really can't complain.
2. Miki Rapaic.
3. I think that I will be ready for the first match played after the winter break.

1. How long do you wish to carry on playing, and where do you want to finish your career?
2. How can I meet you?
Ivana from Kraljevo

1. I will play for as long as I show good performances. Naturally, I want to finish my career at home. In any case, my last stop will be KMF Konjarnik.
(KMF Konjarnik is a little-football club Bata played for and is now honorary president of, note from the webmaster).
2. We live very far away. I really don't know when and where we could meet.

1. Why doesn't FSJ (Yugoslav football federation) employ a foreign selector?
2. Why doesn't Yugoslav national team play with three attackers?

1. We never had a foreign selector and I think that's the right decision. We have good homegrown coaches who can lead our team.
2. Tactics are a matter for the selector(s) to decide.

Could you fall in love with a girl from Niksic?

Why not? It's not important where the girl is from. As long as that is what the heart desires. I don't have geographical, religious, racial, or any other prejudices.

Best regards! Yours, Bata Mirkovic


1. Which of the younger footballers do you like the most, and what do you think about Branko Boskovic?
2. Which European team do you like the most (please don't say Partizan)?
3. What kind of music do you like?

1. Among the younger players I admire Djordjevic from Obilic, who is a great player as well as a great person. I also have to mention Sasa Ilic and Vladimir Ivic from Partizan. Boskovic is a great player and has a bright future ahead of him.
2. I am sorry but I have to say Partizan. I also like Juventus.
3. I mostly like slow songs. Ballads. Italian cancone.

Are you involved in any humanitarian activities? If they answer is yes, why is there no mention of it on your site?

My teammates and myself are involved in humanitarian activities, but we have decided not to talk about it. We are not helping in order to promote ourselves. We are doing it out of our hearts. Caring for others is not something one should do or use to promote oneself.

What were your impressions of Turkey and Turkish people two years ago and how has it changed?
Fenerbahce supporter

I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival. I had no idea that Turkish football has so much quality. I also didn't know that people in Turkey are so kind and generous. So my impression has changed, very positively.

1. Why wouldn't you play for Red Star when you return to Yugoslavia?
2. Do you think Yugoslavia can be successful in EURO 2004?

1. Because I once played for Partizan. I know this does not sound professional, but I could never play for Red Star.
2. First we have to qualify. When we do we can start talking about our hopes for the tournament. We have to be very realistic. In the past decade there were too many expectations. Of course, we all hope for the best.

1. What part of Belgrade do you like the best after Konjarnik?
2. Do you agree with a saying "Away from the eyes, away from the heart"?
3. What (other than football) makes you happy and what makes you unhappy?
4. What characteristics do you dislike in girls?
5. Do you fall in love easily?

1. Vracar.
2. Not really.
3. Success of my family and friends. I am unhappy if my family and friends are having problems.
4. Dishonesty.
5. No.

1. What Yugoslav national team player did you like the most when you were a teenager?
2. What do you think about the change of sponsor?

1. My idol was Milan Djurovic, a Rad player. However, he never played for the Yugoslav national team.
2. Both companies, Lotto and Adidas, have great programmes. It doesn't really matter what jersey we play in, or what it looks like. As long as we play good football.

What selector did you respect the most?

I have respected all selectors. However, if I have to name names then I would say Santrac (he was the first to select me for the national team) and Petkovic (unfortunately, he was in charge for two matches only).

1. What kind of a relationship do you have with Elvir Baljic?
2. Do you think Yugoslavia would have won a World or European title if it had remained one country?
3. How did you feel while watching the match Rapid - Partizan?

1. We are great friends. We talk on the phone often. We get together if we both have time. Baljic is a terrific friend.
2. Maybe yes and maybe no. If we judge by tradition and statistics then most likely no. All former republics of Yugoslavia had good teams in the past decade. We will never know.
3. I watched the match on television and felt really bad.

1. What are you planning on doing when you end your football career?
2. Which team did you support in World Cup 2002?

1. I have a lot of ideas but I have not decided anything yet. When my last season as a player is over, I will start thinking about the future.
2. Urugvay. That's because of Paolo Montero, who is a great friend of mine.

1. What, in your opinion, makes Fenerbahce different from all other Turkish clubs?
2. What do you think about Fenerbahce fans?
3. Did you hear about Fenerbahce before you signed for our club?
4. Why do they call you Bata?

1. An army of devoted fans.
2. They are great. They support us always no matter what. I only have good things to say about them.
3. Of course. Many Yugoslavian coaches and players were in the club before me.
4. Bata in my language means little brother. The nickname Bata was given to me by my brother Zvezdan. He is one year and seven days older than me. When my mother brought me home from the hospital Zvezdan asked: What is that? As my parents still hadn't decided on the name mom answered: Bata = little brother. Family members kept calling me Bata and this is how the nickname stuck. Nobody calls me Zoran.

Will you stay in Fenerbahce if we don't win the title?
(This question was asked before the season 2001/2002 ended, note from the webmaster)
Can Karacan

I am still here.

1. How did you feel when you first came to Turkey?
2. What are your impressions of Turkey and Fenerbahce now?
Fenerbahce fan

1. I felt just like the first time when I left my country and went abroad ( to Italy).
2. Turkey is an amazing country and Fenerbahce is a great club.

Are you friends with Savo and what kind of a person is he?
(Savo in question is Savo Milosevic, note from the webmaster)
A fan

Savo is a great friend of mine and has been since we first met in 1991.

1. Why, in your opinion, is Dejan Petkovic - Rambo not playing for Yugoslav national team?
2. Have you ever listened to Bijelo Dugme and which of their songs do you like the most?

1. It's up to the selector to choose the players, so I would not want to comment. However, I think Rambo is an amazing player.
2. Of course. If I have to name one then I would say Ako ima boga.

1. What did Jarni do to you before that infamous incident?
2. What can the Yugoslav national team do to play better?

1. He fouled me and said a couple of nasty things.
2. I really don't know
(Bata said that after he took a long time to think about it, note from the webmaster). Perhaps you could give us a few tips, and together we can be World champions.

1. Where do you hang out when you are in Belgrade?
2. Did you notice that girls here are only after rich men who can buy them things, provide for them?

1. I visit different places.
2. No I haven't. I don't spend much time in Belgrade, and when I am in my hometown I don't pay attention to such things.

What is your favourite male and female perfume?

I change perfumes a lot, but let's say Jean-Paul Gaultier. I am not an expert on female perfumes. I have never used them.
(Bata laughing, note from the webmaster )

1. Are you happy in Fenerbahce?
2. How will Laza's departure affect you?
3. Do numbers 2 and 6 any special meaning to you?
Okan Karadeniz

1. Yes.
2. I am sad because we can not hang out together anymore. But I'm also happy because he is now playing in the best league in the World. He will get a chance to show all of his abilities and will get even better.
3. Not really. They are just my jersey numbers.

1. Is Mateja Kezman a good friend of yours?
2. When are you coming to Switzerland again?

1. Yes.
2. I really don't know.

1. What kind of music do you like?
2. What is your favourite group, singer (male and female) and album?

1. I like soft and gentle songs.
2. Van Gogh, Zvonimir Djukic - Djule, Leontina, Opasan ples.

Do you speak Turkish? If not, how do you communicate with your teammates and with Turkish people in general?

My Turkish leaves a lot to be desired. I know enough words to get around. In the team we use Turkish, English and Italian. Somehow we manage to understand each other.

Thanks to all that have sent me questions. Regards, Bata!


1. Could you love a girl of different nationality?
2. Do you like girls with blond or dark hair?
3. What is your favourite movie?
4. Where did you spend summers as a child?
5. Are you a romantic person?
6. What are your favourite female names?

1. I don't judge people by their nationality, religion, colour of their skin. If we are talking about girls, I judge them by their personality. The goodness of their hearts. Love knows no bunderies.
2. The looks is not important, personality is.
3. Legends of the Fall.
4. Before 1989 and the war in Yugoslavia, we went to Tucete near Makarska with the family every summer.
5. Sometimes.
6. Mila and Tamara. My brother has three children, two are girls. And their names are Mila and Tamara.

1. Will you return to Partizan as a player?
2. Would you play for Partizan if they qualified for Champions League?
3. Do you plan on ever getting married?
Mile, Slavica and Jelena

1. I have always wished for that to happen.
2. I would play for Partizan they the club qualified or not. I am with Partizan in good and bad.
3. Of course.

1. What goal is your favourite?
2. Do you have any nick names other than Bata?
3. Do you hang out with our basketball players?

1. If I have to name one, that it would be the goal I scored as a junior in Rad. We played the semi final of Yugoslav Cup. This was the match against Varez. I scored and the match ended with 2-2.
2. No, only Bata. People that don't know me usually call me by my name, so Zoran. Others call me Bata.
3. Our professional obligations don't allow us to hang out much. When we are on holiday in Belgrade and we meet, we go for a drink and talk. I mostly hang out with Sasa Obradovic, Trifunovic and Drobnjak.

1. Do you think people treat football players as Gods and because of that fame gets into their heads?
2. I know you are religious. What saint's day do you celebrate?
(Note from the webmaster: In Serbia every religeous family has a saint that it celebrates.)

1. Clearly football is the most popular sport but I would not say football players are treated as Gods. Perhaps some get overwhelmed by fame but not many.
2. Our family saint is Sv. Vracevi. We celebrate it on 14th of November.

1. Do you go to the night clubs?
2. What club would you want to play when you leave Fenerbahce?

1. No. I don't like night clubs. I prefer coffee shops.
2. Partizan.

1. What do you think of the state called "Serbia and Montenegro"?
2. Is it possible that new jerseys will no longer be blue?

1. This is a very difficult questions. I was born and I grew up in Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia has been my country for 30 years. I don't think if this new name is a good solution. I would also like to add how sad I am to see bad things happening in my country.
2. From what I heard, jerseys will stay blue.

1, Who is the most likable player in Juventus?
2. Who is the leader in Italian national team?
3. What chances do you give Italy in WC 2002?
Zina Vukin

1. There are so many fine guys in Juventus it's impossible to name only one.
2. Maldini.
3. They have good chances. They know how to play to achieve a result. They also are a team that is good playing tournaments. I think they can be very successful.

Would you want your girlfriend to play football and do you think women football players are feminine?

No, because I know how tough football can be. If I have to work so hard I would not wish that upon her. Of course they are feminine. Women football is getting very popular and a lot of girls now play football.

Will you return to Partizan? If not for more, than just for one season?

Like I said, that is my wish and I really hope it will come true.

Will you play in Yugoslav League again?

I want to wear a Partizan jersey again.

1. Your national team has World class players. How come it had problems with less quality teams like Slovenia?
2. Do you think young generations will bring a new Savicevic, Jugovic, Mirkovic, Mihajlovic?
Jorge Enciso

1. I would not say Slovenia is not as good as Yugoslavia. They qualified for EURO 2000 and World Cup 2002 and proved their quality. I think our team was a little unlucky in the last qualifications.
2. We have many talented players. It's not up to them to work very hard and make a name for themselves.

How would a girl have to look like for you to go out with her?

I don't judge girls by their looks. It's their personality I am interested in.

Do you think a player has a right to insult fans and show them the finger if they call him names during the match?

It' most certainly not nice if a player does that. I don't approve of such behaveour. But I also don't approve of fans being violent like it happend during Red Star training. Players and fans can't do without one another therefor we should stick together.

Best regards! Yours, Bata Mirkovic


Note from the webmaster: Some questions and therefore Bata's answers are related to events that happened in Serbia. Non-Serbian fans therefore, might not understand. For this reason you will be able to read a few comments within the answers from the webmaster to help you understand what Bata is talking about.

You did an excellent skill between two opponents - turning around your axis- [in Fenerbahce Vs Galatasaray Cup match (7-6)] . Fans love these movements. Why don't you always do these? Is it because they're risky?
Selman Gokmen

I remember that tackle very well. You are right. I am a defender and such moves can be very dangerous. I don't do them often to avoid unnecessary risk. Such tackles should be performed by attackers and not defenders.

1. Do you have good memories of the days you spent in Radnicki Svilajnac?
(Note from the webmaster: Bata played for Radnicki Svilajnac while he was in the army in Svilajnac.)
2. Why did you transfer from Rad to Partizan? Did they offer a lot of money or was Red Star too late?
3. Is Rizna the best player you ever played with?
Greetings from the group from Svilajnac

1. Yes, I have very good memories. I didn't stay long in your town but during my time there I made many good friends. When I have time I go to Svilajnac and visit them. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and say HEY to all people from Svilajnac.
2. Sports motives determined my decision. At that time I wasn't thinking about money. I wanted to play for Partizan and my dream came true.
3. He surely is one of the best. Zoran Riznic didn't achieve everything he could but no doubt he is a great talent. There are not many like him.

1. What went through your head when you got a red card in the match against Croatia (when you were leaving the pitch and showed three fingers)?   
2. What kind of relation do you have with Fenerbahce fans?
3. How much did the support from JUG
(Note from the webmaster: JUG means south stands where Partizan fans are.) helped you in your career?
Desha, Novi Sad

1. In a split second I saw my whole life just like they show it in the movies. And then I blacked out. It was very difficult. I can't describe how I felt. I don't like remembering that match.
2. My relation with Fenerbahce fans is very good. I do my job as best as I can and they support me in that. Fenerbahce fans are exceptional. They are always with us. In good and bad. When talking about them I can only use superlatives.
3. It meant a lot to me. Grobari
( Note from the webmaster: Grobari are Partizan fans) made us feel like they are with us 90 minutes of the match. My wish is to play in front of them at least one more match.

1. Who is the funniest guy in Fenerbahce? Is it Samuel Johnson?
2. What Seria A match you will never forget?

1. Johnnie is very funny. He is a good friend and an exceptional player. He is one of the most positive players in the team.
2. Every match in Italy is something special. The one I remember the most is the first match I played after my father died (Atalanta 0 - 0 Parma). It was a very difficult match for me. I felt horrible but my heart was full when I saw fans and teammates sharing my pain.

Can you describe how you knocked out Ante Drobnjak?
(Note from the webmaster: Ante Drobnjak was Red Star player Bata fought with during Yugoslav Cup final match.)

Those are boyish things. Unsportsmans gestures that should not happen. I don't like to remember that indicent. I am sure that you know I was suspended for three months because of it. Now if Drobnjak and myself see each other on the street or somewhere else, we talk like friends.

1. What do you need to become a successful football player?
2. How did you feel after you showed three fingers in the match against Croatia?
3. What did Robert Jarni say to you before you grabbed him by the balls?
Zoran, Adelaide - Australija

1. Luck, talent, persistence and discipline.
2. I can't really explain how I felt. It's very difficult to describe those feelings.
3. I never told that in public. Only people closest to me know. I don't want to tell that in public because it would sound like I want to find an excuse for what I did. But you can trust me when I tell you he didn't say anything nice.

1. Do you think that Yugoslavia will better their performance in years to come?  
2. What was it like in Croatia in the middle of Zagreb with a full stadium of Croatians swearing at your generations? What was the team atmosphere like?
3. Do you think you deserved a red card when you touched Robert Jarni even though he fouled you and that he faked his pain by holding his groin? What did Robert Jarni say to you when he fouled you in that angry tone of voice?
4. What did you say to Asanovic when he elbowed you in the face.
Nenad Dimitrijevic

1. I hope so. Soon we will see the change of generations and the burden will fall on younger players. I hope we will qualify for EURO 2004.
2. It wasn't pleasant. The atmosphere in our team was as other matches.
3. Yes. I deserved the red card I got. Even more. I deserved three match ban also. The punishment fit the crime. About Jarni's words... I never told that in public and I prefer not to do it.
4. That I don't remember. You can be sure he said something nasty too.

1. Are you ever sorry you are not an attacker?

2. Does it bother you when fans say Hey to you when they see you, for example in the stree?

1. Sometimes but I love my position even though it's not a popular one.
2. No. Not at all.

Thank you all for writing to me. YOURS SINCERELY BATA MIRKOVIC


1. How many hours a day do you spend training?
2. Does playing football still give you pleasure?

1. Before the season we train some four to five hours a day. During the season trainings last one and a half hour to two hours. But the whole ritual takes much longer. We must come to the camp at least half an hour before the training but I always come much earlier. And I am among the last to leave the camp. Basically I spend half of the day in Samandira.
2. Absolutely.

1. Are you watching Juventus matches in Turkey?
2. Did you remain friends with Igor Tudor?
3. Will you be supporting Croatia in the WORLD CUP 2002?
Ivana, Croatia

1. Always. I either watch them live or the replay. I am following Seria A on regular basis.
2. Yes, we remained good friends. Our friendship is forever.
3. I will be supporting all teams my current and ex-teammates are playing for. Turkey, Urugvay, Croatia, France, Italy...

Bata, last year's Turkey cup match game against Galatasaray went to penalties. We did not need to take our 5th penalty shot and won the game 7-6. I am still wondering who was the 5th penalty shooter?
Bugra Kilincer, Philadelphia

I really don't remember. It has been almost a year. It wasn't me. I am absolutely sure of that.

1. How do you feel after the game now comparing to five, six years ago?
2. Who is the fastest player in Fenerbahce and Yugoslav national team?
Nikola Glavan, Australia

1. I am older and there is nothing I can do about it. I may not be as fit as I was five, six years ago but I am much more experienced and because of that perform just as well.
2. Nikola Lazetic for sure.

What position do your prefer to play?

I can play many positions. It is all the same for me. It's not important where play. I just want to play.

1. What type of a car are you driving?
2. What do you do in your free time?

1. Fiat Marea
2. I don't have a lot of free time. I spend it with my family and my friends.

1. How disappointed are you because you will not be playing WORLD CUP 2002 with Yugoslavia?
2. Do you, the players, blame Milovan Djoric for not qualifiying?
3. Who are your favorite for winning WORLD CUP 2002 title?

1. I am sad because of that. As the WORLD CUP is getting closer and closer, the more sad I get. It is a big disappointment for me.
2. It's not fair to blame anybody. Those fans who really love football know many points we won in the matches when Djoric was our selector.
3. France. From European teams Italy can also be dangerous. And of course Brasil and Argentina.

Do you want to be a captain of Fenerbahce?

I am very sorry but Fenerbahce players are not allowed to give any statements concerning the club and that is why I can't answer your question.

1. Do you come on-line often?
2. What websites do you visit?
3. What is your opinion about Fenerbahce fans?
Mehmet, Turkey

1. Not very often but I come on-line.
2. My website. And also daily and weekly Serbian newspaper websites.
3. They are the best. They are the power of the club. They are with us in good and bad. It is impossible to describe in words the help and support they give as during every single match.

1. Is there a player (in Turkey or in Europe) you would not want to play against or would be scared of playing against?
2. What was the greatest moment in your career?
Mehmet Bayram, Turkey

1. There are good players and players who are not that good but I never think about that. I treat every opponent just the same. But I am not scared of anybody.
2. My third match in Yugoslav national team jersey. We played against Urugvay in Belgrade.

1. What type of a car are you driving?
2. Is it possible to get your signature?

1. Fiat Marea.
2. Of course. Contact Maja.

What do you think about so many Holland players being caught using prohibited substances?

I doubt any professional player would be using prohibited substances on purpose. I am not defending anybody but I think there is a problem in their medical department. Or perhaps there is something in the food (meat) they are eating. I didn't research the subject well so I wouldn't really know.

1. How would you describe the quality of Turkish clubs?
2. Do you think Fenerbahce can one day be a big club in Europe?
Vedat, Australia

I am very sorry but Fenerbahce players are not allowed to give any statements concerning the club and that is why I can't answer your questions.

1. Do you prefer to play in the middle or on the right?
2. Do Serbian fans prefer basketball over football?

1. I don't have preferences.
2. Basketball is getting very popular because of the successes of our national team. But football is and will always be number one.

1. Do you cook?
2. Are you collecting your opponents' jerseys?
Maja, Germany

1. No. I eat in restaurants.
2. No. I don't exchange jerseys with opponents. I only exchange when a friend asks me for a jersey of a certain player. I keep my jerseys. So many people want my jersey I hardly have enough of them.

Note from the webmaster:
Fenerbahce president had in October 2001 asked all Fenerbahce players not to give any statements or comments about the club. Bata is respecting president's request and therefor can not talk about the club. He apologizes to the fans whos questions he could not answer and invites them to send new ones, but not about the club.


1. How old were you when you started playing football?
2. Do you sometimes wish you are not a popular football player?
Damir, Germany

1. I started playing football very late. I was already 15 years old when I joined FK Rad. Before that I was playing football with my friends in front of our building.
2. Who says I am popular? I try to be modest, imperceptible and do my job as best as I can. I am trying to keep my personal life for myself as I don't want it on newspaper covers.

1. Has ever come a time when you wanted to leave football and how did you overcome the problems?
2. Will you come to Banjaluka again and how do you like our town?
Bojana, Banjaluka

1. The critical time in my career came when I returned from the army. I was 20 years old at the time. I was not playing football for some three or four months. My coaches, Radenovic and late Mitrovic, helped me overcome the crisis.
2. I will return but I can not tell you when because I have a lot of obligations. Banjaluka is a beautiful town. People are hospitable, kind and honest.

Do you want to return to FK Partizan?
Grobar from Switzerland
Denis Brandusanovic

Yes. I will play for Fenerbahce for one year and a half more. In the summer of 2003 my contract will expire. Then I intend to return to Partizan.

1. Will you return to Yugoslavia and play for one of Yugoslavian teams?
2. Would you prefer to play for ZVEZDA or partizan?
Miljan, Australia

1. Yes.
2. Most definetely for Partizan.

1. Who are your best friend in Yugoslavian national team?
2. Do you want them to come to Fenerbahce?
Oguz, Turkey

1. All my teammates are my friends. But if I must name names, then I would say Nisa Saveljic and Predrag Mijatovic.
2. Of course I would want to play with them in Fenerbahce.

I saw the Euro 2000 qualifying game against Spain where we lost but played (in my opinion) one of the 10 greatest football matches of all time and then saw them lose 6-1 in Rotterdam against Holland. This was not in the top ten.  That afternoon as I left stadium, I felt as if an era of Yugoslav excellence in European football was over. We need a new direction and a new belief. Do you think we have the talent and belief to perform well at Euro 2004?  
Anthony Ristic Freelance Sports Journalist (London)

I depends on what your definition of success is. In any case we must stay realistic when we are talking about our goals. First we must qualify for the EURO 2004 and then we will have a right to talk about our expectations. Looking back, qualifying for World Cup 1998 and EURO 2000 was a success.

How many years do you plan on playing football?

I don't have a plan in my head. As long as health and physical strenght allow me to.

1. How long are you planning on playing for Yugoslav national team?
2. Will you and Yugoslav national team ever come to Australia?
Nenad, Australia

1. "As long as they will call me. I am always willing to help the team."
2. "I want to go to Australia. I know a lot of our people live there. If we don't come with the team, I plan on going on my own. I want to see Australia. I have never been there."

Who of our younger players is the most talented in your opinion?
Dado, Switzerland

"I am a defender so I am mostly watching the defenders. I think Djordjevic from Obilic and Dudic from Cukaricki have a great future ahead of them."

Do you want to become a Yugoslav national team selector one day?

"I don't have such ambitions."

1. What kind of a computer do you have?
2. What kind of a mobile phone do you have?
3. Do you play any other sports aside from football?

1. "An IBM laptop."
2. "Sony Z5."
3. "I also play basketball. But that is just for fun."

Earlier answers

1. What does playing for Yugoslav national team mean to you?
2. Do you have Savo Milosevic's e-mail address?

1. "For me playing for Yugoslav national team is a great honor. I take a lot of pride in representing my country."
2. "I don't."

1. What does playing for Yugoslav national team mean to you?
2. What does Belgrade mean to you?

1. "Like I already said. It is a great honor. It is a dream of every football player to represent his country."
2. "From all the cities in the world, I love it the most."

1. What size of football shoes do you wear?
2. What kind of music do you like?

1. "42 (EU numbers)."
2. "Depends on the mood I am in. Mostly I like soul and rock balades. But when I am at the party, I also enjoy Serbian folk music."

When did Misko Mirkovic take Turkish citizenship and why did he do that?

"I really don't know. You will have to ask him."

1. Would you be interested in becoming a coach one day?
2. What 3 people (alive or not) do you most admire?

1. "No. I have a hard time watching matches from the bench. I get too nervous."
2." I can't give you three names. There are more people that I admire. They are mostly my family and close friends."

I will not bother you with questions as I know you have better things to do than answer them. I just want to tell you are great and I wish you all the best.

"Thank you for good wishes. I enjoy answering your questions. If you have one, you are welcome to send it."

Do you speak Turkish?

I know only few Turkish words. And even those are the same in Serbian.

So how do you communicate with your teammates?

With hands and legs. In English and Italian. There are a lot of us here Laza, Misko, Rapaic, Balic and myself. If we don't understand something, we ask.

What's your life like in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a very beautiful city. It's huge. It has about 15-18 million people. Nobody really knows. There is so much to see in Istanbul but we, the players, don't have time to see all that. Journalists are really cruel in Turkey. If I was staying out I would be in newspapers in no time. Journalists like to make up stories and scandals. We all avoid that. I never stayed out later than 23.00 since I came to Turkey.

Are you returning to Turkey next season?

Of course, I have a contract.

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