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About the site

Zoran Bata Mirkovic's website has been online since 26/12/1999 and for a long time was the only website of a Serbian football player. The site is known for always being updated with the latest news, for having a huge archive of 500 or more pictures and for Bata's help with the making of the site.

This is a non-commerical website. None of the banners on the site are paid. Site's only purpose is to bring Bata closer to his fans and his fans closer to Bata.


Big thanks to Ahmet Serkan Tirataci, Alp Ayhan, Terry Martin, Nebojsa Parausic, Nenad Negovanovic, Ilkay Dermanci, Marko Metlas, Zina Vukin and others who have helped to make Bata's site better.

Bata's site was awarded with the following award for creativity, integrity and excellence.

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