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1. Dear Bata! What was the greatest day in your career?
2. Was a nickname Bata given to you by your brother?

1. "I have had many beautiful moments but I always look to the future. The future is always better."
2. "Yes, my brother gave me this name a long time ago. In my language it means little brother."

Do you want to return to Partizan and end your career there?
Dusan M

"Why not, Partizan will always stay in my heart."

1. Do you go to church?
2. Are you interested in politics?
3. What type of women do you like?

1. "I am a believer but to be honest I don't go very often."
2. "A little."
3. "I can't say because physical appearance doesn't mean much, character does."

1. Do you know any Serbian basketball players who play in Italy?
2. Do you have any tatoos?
3. Are you going to Belgrade for the summer?

1. "I know them but we don't see each other often."
2. "No."
3. "I often go."

1. Do you plan to live in Italy after your career is over?
2. For what other clubs would you like to play for?
Alessandro Z

1. "To be honest no, I like Italy but I think I will return to my country."
2. "In Europe there are many strong teams who can get any player they want. I never thought about that because Juventus is one of those strong teams."

1. Do you like living in Italy?
2. Did you have hard times learning the language?
Karla from Croatia

1. "Yes I like it."
2. "At the beggining when I was in Bergamo. But then I learned it and I don't have any problems anymore."

Do you like to spend time with Kovacevic?
Mike I from Canada

"Yes, at the beggining I tried to spend a lot of time with him so he could learn to live in the new country."

1. Who is your best friend in Juve?
2. How do you feel when you are playing in front of the full stadium?
3. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

1. "Igor Tudor."
2. "It's a strange feeling at the beggining but you get used to it. It is difficult to explain it to somebody who has never tried it."
3. "Yes, I have an older brother. His name is Zvezdan."

Why when you are walking down the street with your friends you seem the most accessible?

"I guess that's my character."

Greetings to Miss Sanja A., Libera from Genova, Karla and Maja, Ivana, Mila, Bilja, Macar D, Mijat, Marina, Milica, Alexandra.

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