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1. word "bata" in Serbian language stands for "little brother". Bata was given this nick name on the day he was brought home from the hospital when he was just few days old
2. Bata doesn't like giving interviews and indeed has given very few during his career
3. Bata shared a house with Pippo Inzaghi while he was playing for ATALANTA
4. Bata is religious and superstitious
5. Bata is a honorary president of the KMF KONJARNIK, little football club in Belgrade
6. Bata played his first professional match on 09/03/1991. He made his debut with RAD
7. Bata drives Fiat Marea in Turkey
8. Bata's favourite matches are: his third match for Yugoslav national team (Yugoslavia 1 - 0 Urugvay) and his last match for Partizan (Partizan 6 - 3 Vojvodina)
9. Bata to this day if one of the idols of Partizan fans, probably the only defender who gained such popularity
10. Bata was virtually inseparable with Croatian player Igor Tudor during his two years in Juventus
11. Bata gained huge popularity in Yugoslavia after the incident in the match against Croatia. He never revealed what Jarni said to him before he grabbed him by the balls
12. Bata's favourite model is Milla Jovovich
13. besides his bad temper on the field is one of the kindest players you will ever meet
14. Bata spends a lot of evenings watching football matches on television

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