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Question: Do you speak Turkish?
-Bata's answer: I know only few Turkish words. And even those are the same in Serbian.

Question: So how do you communicate with your teammates?
-Bata's answer: With hands and legs. In English and Italian. There are a lot of us here Laza, Misko, Rapaic, Balic and myself. If we don't understand something, we ask.

Question: What's your life like in Istanbul?
-Bata's answer: Istanbul is a very beautiful city. It's huge. It has about 15-18 million people. Nobody really knows. There is so much to see in Istanbul but we, the players, don't have time to see all that. Journalists are really cruel in Turkey. If I was staying out I would be in newspapers in no time. Journalists like to make up stories and scandals. We all avoid that. I never stayed out later than 23.00 since I came to Turkey.

Question: Something about fans...
-Bata's answer: People in Italy love football but I have never seen such love for the sport as in Turkey. They are so dedicated to their club. Fenerbahce didn't win the title in the last years and everybody here is living for this title. And supporting us all the way.

Question: Are you returning to Turkey next season?
-Bata's answer: Of course, I have a contract.

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